Financial Tools

With Interactive Brokers, there are many financial tools and resources from which to choose. Due to their cost structure, option writing is one of our favorite strategies.  In particular, covered call writing( buy-write) is a great strategy to reduce risk and supplement portfolio income.  For investors looking to hedge and generate income, writing covered calls may be a good fit.  Freedom Capital's CIO, Ron McCoy has been doing this strategy for over 15 years and can explain it to you in laymens terms.  A great website for options education is the Options Industry Council(OIC) and a link can be found HERE for more information on covered calls and options education in general.


For bond investors, we often use IB's block trading ability to get volume discount pricing on bond trades.


On the IB platform, we are able to closely monitor stop orders via alerts and use trailing stops when deemed necessary.


Having great technology and low trading costs makes the IB platform second to none in our opinion.